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Presidents, Vice Presidents & First Ladies | Ephemera

  • GEORGE BUSHPresidential "Matchbook" Calculator. White coated "matchbook", 2½x2. Printed on front in gold is the presidential seal with "HMX-1" at bottom and "George Bush" beneath it.

    Sale Price $234.00


  • GEORGE W. BUSHColor 22x14 2000 presidential campaign sign signed in black ink Ephemera Signed: Original 2000 "George W./Bush/for President" campaign sign signed: "George W. Bush". Color, 22x14.

    Sale Price $680.00


  • GEORGE W. BUSHThe candidate for the Oval Office signs a laminated book mark in black ink Ephemera signed: "George W Bush", 2x8¾. Laminated book mark with printed photo of Bush (color, 1¼x1¼) at top. Printed text reads: "I enjoyed visiting your school today.' Gov. George W.

    Sale Price $450.00


  • GEORGE W. BUSH and LAURA BUSHThe couples signed this bumper sticker during his campaign for President in 2000 Bumper Sticker signed: "George W. Bush" and "Laura Bush", [September 29, 2000] 7x3¾. Captioned: "George W.

    Sale Price $1,020.00


  • GEORGE W. BUSHPlate from the Presidential retreat Camp David that belonged to Neil Bush's former wife Ephemera, unsigned. Pewter plate, 10½-inch diameter, embossed with the title "Presidential Retreat" on rim. Also embossed in bowl with the sign and logo, "Camp David.

    Sale Price $396.00


  • GEORGE W. BUSHA framed collection of New Hampshire Primary memorabilia (1980) assembled by Sharon Bush, ex-wife of Neil Bush Collection of 8 unsigned items, matted and framed to an overall size of 23x20.

    Sale Price $807.50


  • GEORGE W. BUSHCommemorative Inaugural paperweightimprinted with gold seal depicting the dome of the Capitol building and bearing the names: "Bush" and "Cheney" Ephemera Unsigned. Clear, approximately 4x3x¾ slab with free-form design.

    Sale Price $722.50


  • HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON. Ephemera signed: "Hillary R Clinton". Unopened plastic packing (6½x9½x1½) containing 4¼-inch long Hot Wings Collectors Edition model of Air Force One on a 6-inch strip of runway. Signed in felt tip on front plastic cover.

    Sale Price $270.00


  • BILL CLINTON. Original 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign sign signed: "Bill Clinton". Color, 21x13. In the November 5, 1996 election, President Clinton defeated former Republican Senate Majority Leader Robert J. Dole 47.4 million to 39.2 million popular votes, 379-159 electoral votes and 31 states (and Washington, D.C.) to 19 states.

    Sale Price $765.00


  • BILL CLINTON. Air Force One candy treat box, unsigned. 2x3¾x¾. Unopened box of "M&M" candy of the type served as treats on the Presidential aircraft. Presidential seal and facsimile Clinton signature on one side; illustration on verso of a red M&M waving an American flag.

    Sale Price $216.00


  • BILL CLINTON Unopened box of M&M candy from Air Force One, bearing Presidential seal and a facsimile signature of the President Ephemera, unsigned. Unopened box of M&M candies carried on Air Force One during the Clinton Presidency. The 10¾x3¾x.

    Sale Price $162.00


  • BILL CLINTON Pen used to sign a bill Ephemera unsigned. Wood and glass framed display (12x12) featuring black and gold pen bearing Clinton's facsimile signature below a card (5½x3 visible) with a printed quotation from Clinton: "Today I am signing important legislation to extend unemployment benefits long term.

    Sale Price $1,530.00


  • WILLIAM JEFFERSON "BILL" CLINTON This rare campaign sign - "Clinton Elected President" - was signed and dated "with thanks" by Clinton less than a month after he was elected president of the United States in 1992 Inscribed campaign sign signed "To Deborah & Terry/with thanks/Bill Clinton 11-26-92".

    Sale Price $850.00


  • CHARLES G. DAWES and CARO DAWESThe Vice President and his wife sign a piece of fabric Ephemera signed: "Charles G. Dawes", and "Caro D. B. Dawes/1934", 4½x2¾. Ink signatures on an irregularly cut piece of pink cotton cloth. Charles G.

    Sale Price $324.00


  • GERALD FORD The President signs a placard from his 1976 Presidential election campaign. Ephemera signed: "Gerald Ford". Color, 5x3¾. Campaign paraphernalia reading: "President/Ford/'76". On August 9, 1974, Gerald R.

    Sale Price $234.00


  • GERALD R. FORD. Napkin signed: "Gerald R. Ford", 18x18 unfolded, 9x9 folded. White cloth napkin embroidered in blue with the Presidential seal and the words: "Picnic with President Ford and Friends/September 16, 1982/Grand Rapids, Michigan".

    Sale Price $270.00


  • VICE PRESIDENT JOHN N. GARNER and MARIETTE GARNER The Vice President and his wife sign a piece of pink cotton fabric. Ephemera signed: "Jno. N. Garner", and "Mrs Jno. N. Garner", irregularly cut 4x2¾ piece of cotton fabric. "VP" added in another hand. JOHN N. GARNER (1886-1967), a U.S.

    Sale Price $198.00


  • This is a bronze replica of an Anthony C. Paquet medal presented to American Civil War General Ulysses S. Grant by Congress during the Civil War for the capture of Vicksburg, Mississippi. The capture of Vicksburg, along the Battle of Gettysburg, marked the turning point in the Civil War.

    Sale Price $531.25


  • JOHN F. KENNEDYFour authenticated strands of hair removed from a lock of the President's hair in July 1963 Ephemera Unsigned: affixed to a 7¼x10¼ sheet bearing a printed photograph of the President. Headed: "Genuine Hair Lock of John Fitzgerald Kennedy/(1917-1963)".

    Sale Price $3,400.00


  • JOHN F. KENNEDYThis metal tie bar depicts the PT-109 boat last commandeered by John F. Kennedy. Extremely rare! Ephemera Unsigned: a 1¾ inch-long depiction of the motor torpedo boat PT-109 that was last commanded by then-Lieutenant, junior grade officer John F. Kennedy in the Pacific Theater of WWII.

    Sale Price $467.50


  • This exciting three-inch bronze medallion was designed for the Grand Army of the Republic by Jules Edouard Roiné and cast by Davisons' Sons of Philadelphia for the 100th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth. It includes a bust engraving of Lincoln - similar to that on modern pennies - and that famous line from his second inaugural address: "With malice toward none, with charity for all".

    Sale Price $1,190.00


  • MARY TODD LINCOLN'S HAIR From the famed Roy P. Crocker and Malcolm Forbes collections. Six authenticated strands of Mary Todd Lincoln's hair mounted on an 8½x11 page picturing the former First

    Sale Price $1,360.00


  • PRESIDENT WILLIAM McKINLEY CO-SIGNED BY: J.P. GALLAHER Leather-bound notebook owned by McKinley during his second term as Ohio's federal Representative Annotated notebook unsigned. With sheet in front cover pocket signed "J.P.

    Sale Price $1,530.00


  • RICHARD NIXON Richard Nixon signs a ticket envelope from Capital Airlines. Envelope signed: "Richard Nixon", 7¼x7¼ Capital Airlines ticket envelope. Richard M. Nixon (1913-1994), was elected 37th President (1969-1974) of the U.S. in 1968 after representing California in the U.S.

    Sale Price $270.00


  • RICHARD NIXON Richard Nixon presents to Daniel Patrick Moynihan the pen used to sign his first Executive Order, #11452, "Establishing the Council for Urban Affairs", was signed on January 23, 1969. Pen presented by President Nixon to Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

    Sale Price $1,870.00


  • RONALD and NANCY DAVIS REAGANThe Presidential couple and sign a strip of leather for a family he befriended as Governor. Inscribed and signed: "To Our Friend Buzzy/Ronald Reagan/Nancy Reagan". Signed on the smooth side of a lightly tooled strip of leather (6¼x2¼).

    Sale Price $637.50


  • [RONALD REAGAN] A strand of Ronald Reagan's hair from his barber, Milt Pitts. A strand of Ronald Reagan's hair, approximately five inches in length, obtained by a collector from Milt Pitts, Reagan's barber. Triple-matted in red, white and blue with three color photographs of Reagan and three small plaques.

    Sale Price $467.50


  • RONALD REAGAN Souvenir pen bearing his facsimile signature, in display case bearing his seal as Governor of California Ephemera, unsigned. Blue and silver pen and cartridge. Pen 5½, holder 6x2. Pen bears facsimile signature of Ronald Reagan, in silver on the blue portion of the pen.

    Sale Price $427.50


  • THEODORE ROOSEVELT, JR. Fabric signed: "Theodore Roosevelt" on irregularly cut 4¼x2¾ purple cotton piece of fabric for a quilt. The eldest son of Theodore Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt III (1887-1944), known as Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., followed his father into Republican New York State politics.

    Sale Price $144.00


  • FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT Unique collection of tools in a bottle, identified on the base as the President's property, a gift received in 1937. Handmade wooden saw, saw horse, axe and logs all assembled within a 10-inch tall clear glass bottle with a non-removable stopper. It bears the following pencil notation: "F.D.R.

    Sale Price $2,380.00


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