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  • W. HARRISON AINSWORTH He pens this autograph fragment cut from an envelope addressed in his hand Autograph Fragment signed: "W Harrison Ainsworth", 4¾x2. Cut from envelope addressed in his hand to "George Deubley Esq/8 New Darlington St." read more...

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  • WILLIAM HARRISON AINSWORTH Final five lines from an autograph letter signed "Yours truly" by British author and magazine publisher William Harrison Ainsworth Autograph fragment signed: "Yours truly/W Harrison Ainsworth", 1p, 4x4¼. With five lines of autograph text. read more...

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  • EDWARD ALBEE The playwright signed this manuscript from A Delicate Balance in 1981 Autograph Manuscript Signed: "From 'A Delicate Balance'/by/Edward Albee (1981)", 1p, 8½x11. Headed: "Agnes:". read more...

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  • EDWARD ALBEE The Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright wrote this letter to a Baltimore acquaintance in 1988, saying that they wouldn't be able to meet in New York City Autograph letter signed "Edward Albee". 1 page, 8½x11. Feb. 19, 1988. read more...

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  • He signed this flyer promoting a U.S. 10-cent stamp honoring Robert Frost, featuring a facsimile of Frost's handwritten copy of his popular poem "Stopping By Woods On a Snowy Evening" and a printed excerpt from the poem identified as President Kennedy's favorite lines read more...

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  • JOSEPH ALSOP. JR Joseph Alsop, Jr. signs a special cover honoring the Apollo 15 lunar mission. Special Cover signed: "Joseph W Alsop", 6½x3½. Special Cover honoring the Apollo 15 lunar mission, postmarked Taipei Earth Station, Taiwan, Republic of China (date illegible), two R.O.C. stamps affixed. read more...

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  • LOUIS AUCHINCLOSS He signs this advertisement for a U.S. 10-cent stamp honoring poet Robert Frost Advertisement Signed: "Louis Auchincloss", 1p, 7x11. Promotional flyer for a U.S. read more...

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  • DELIA SALTER BACON The literary scholar and Shakespeare theorist signs this clipping with a sentiment. Extremely rare! Autograph fragment signed: “Yours most truly/Delia S Bacon” in brown ink. 3¼x1¼ affixed to 3¾x2½ backing sheet. read more...

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  • EDWARD BAINES The British historian and politician signs his name with a sentiment in this letter fragment Autograph fragment signed: "I am,/Dr Sir,/Yours truly,/Edward Baines" in black ink. 3¼x1¾. Edward Baines (1774-1848) was an English newspaper proprietor, politician, and author. read more...

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  • GEORGE BANCROFT Two unsigned typed manuscript pages for the American Cyclopaedia, with over 40 lines of handwritten corrections by the historian and author Annotated typed manuscript unsigned: read more...

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  • GEORGE BANCROFT A signed black and white 5x7¾ vignette engraving of the author and Secretary of the Navy mounted to a sheet of paper Engraving Signed: "Geo. Bancroft". Pencil notations in bottom right corner of engraving in unknown hand. B/w, 5x7¾ overall, 3x3¾ vignette image, one surface. read more...

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  • CLARENCE D. BATCHELOR. Original cartoon inscribed and signed: "To Miss Carla Becker/with the cordial/good wishes/of this/cartoonist/C.D. Batchelor/Editorial Cartoonist/The News," 1p, 41/4x6. Batchelor has drawn a man wearing a hat, cigar in his mouth, vaguely resembling Uncle Sam. read more...

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  • Three piece collection featuring a signed newspaper clipping of Benet's poem Dunkerque, inscribed to a Mrs. J.M. Wainwright alongside an accompanying handwritten letter and envelope referencing the poem! read more...

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  • ROBERT ALBERT BLOCH Hugo-winning horror author Robert Bloch wrote and signed this statement - "we can live in peace if we learn the truth about ourselves" - on his personalized stationery in 1991. Autograph manuscript signed "Robert Bloch/Dec. 4, 1991" in blue ink. 1 page, 6x7, on Bloch's personalized stationery. read more...

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  • HERBERT BLOCK Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist signs stamps honoring The Bill of Rights Stamps signed: "Herb Block", at blank margin. 2¼x4 overall, four 5-cent US postage stamps honoring 175th Anniversary of the Bill of Rights. read more...

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  • RAY BRADBURY Ray Bradbury signs a color advertisement for his play Falling Upward! or To Eire is Human, To Forbid Divine. Advertisement signed: "Ray Bradbury". Color, 8½x5½. read more...

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  • RAY BRADBURY Ray Bradbury signs an advertisement for his play Drunk and in Charge of a Bicycle. Advertisement signed: "Ray Bradbury". Color, 8½x5½. Postcard promoting a new play by Bradbury, Drunk and in Charge of a Bicycle, Theatre West, Los Angeles California, January 24-February 28, 2004. read more...

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  • PETER MERVYN BRADSHAW The British journalist and author signs this red stamp commemorating New Zealand Stamp signed: "Peter Mervyn Bradshaw" in black felt. 3½x2½ card with ¾x1 stamp affixed. Stamp for 1d, commemorating New Zealand. Peter Bradshaw (b. 1962) is a British writer and film critic. read more...

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  • PEARL BUCK Pearl Buck makes revisions to a review of THE GREAT CHALLENGE by Louis Fischer. Anotated typed manuscript, unsigned, 3p, 8½x11. Titled: "THE GREAT CHALLENGE/By Louis Fischer/Review by Pearl S. Buck". Pencil title added: "All Peoples Alike" read more...

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  • This undated manuscript - handwritten and signed "P.S.B." by Buck - is a book review of John W. Vauderwork's King Cane, An Epic of Sugar. Buck praises the book and Hawaii's sugar industry, which she writes is "an almost perfect picture of what can and should be done in a modern industry". This document reveals a facet of Buck's life forgotten by many: reviewer and essay writer. read more...

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  • PEARL S. BUCK Two very rare handwritten, autograph manuscript pages from Buck's short story The Rainbow Autograph manuscript unsigned. 2 pages, 8½x11, ruled paper. Titled on first page: "The Rainbow". This is from a short story entitled The Rainbow read more...

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  • PEARL S. BUCK This fragment is the salutation and mailing address of a typed letter, signed by Buck, to the Director of Special Events at KMLA Broadcasting Corporation. Fragment signed "Pearl S. Buck", 7¼x3. Clipped salutation and mailing address of undated typed letter signed by Buck, addressed to George R. Sanders, Jr. read more...

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  • PEARL S. BUCK Buck signed this pencil sketch of herself - from the shoulders up and in a blouse with a plunging neckline and corsage - on a small 3½x6 blank card. Sketch signed "Pearl S. Buck" in pencil underneath sketch. 3½x6. Buck (1892-1973) was the first American woman to win the Nobel Prize in Literature (1938). read more...

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  • PEARL S. BUCK Typed book review for With My Heart in My Mouth, edited and signed "P.S.B." by Buck. This document reveals a facet of Buck's life forgotten by many: magazine editor. Typed manuscript signed: "P. S. B." in pencil, with editorial marks and corrections. With "E. W." and "Conrad [illegible]/167pp. read more...

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  • PEARL BUCK She writes book reviews, adding handwritten annotations in the margins. Multi-signed. Typed Manuscript signed three times: "PSB" on last page, 6p, 8½x11. Titled Asia column, this text is a lively review of several books about Asia. read more...

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  • PEARL BUCK Discusses the interaction of communism with China's ancient culture Typed Manuscript, unsigned, 2p, 8½x11. Titled "Foreward", the text appears to be an introduction to the first edition of Dr. Francis L. K. read more...

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  • The host of Firing Line sends this telegram to John R. Norpel Jr., director of research for the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, apologizing for not being able to attend Benjamin Mandel's retirement party read more...

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  • ROBERT BULWER-LYTTON, EARL OF LYTTON I The British diplomat who successfully served as Viceroy of India signs his name in black ink Autograph Letter Signed: "80 C. [illegible]/ 12 hosp. Sq. Lytton" in black ink, 3¼x1. Affixed to 3¾x1¼ piece of white paper. read more...

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  • Archive of 16 letters written by Tarzan's creator to his son Jack between 1923 and 1935, plus one letter from Burroughs to a film company. He writes in depth about family matters, but also about the filming of a Tarzan movie. The letters are signed "Papa" or "OB" (Old Burroughs). A rare insight into the private and public life of the prolific author. read more...

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  • NIVEN BUSCH. Self-Caricature inscribed and signed: "For Bob Hemminger/[5½x5 ink drawing of a face]/A caricature by/Niven Busch", 1p, 8½x11. Niven Busch (1903-1991), associate read more...

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