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Hollywood Celebrities, Actors and Directors | Album Leafs

  • DON AMECHE CO-SIGNED BY: NANCI CROMPTON The Academy Award winning actor signs a 5¾x4 page with a magazine photograph of himself affixed. Autograph Sentiment signed: "To Louie -/Don Ameche" and on the opposite side "To Louie/ Nanci Crompton", 5¾x4. Magazine photograph, b/w, 1x2, affixed at upper right corner.

    Sale Price $144.00


  • EDDIE BRACKEN Blue album leaf signed by Bracken in blue ink, with a small b/w magazine photo and bio of him Inscribed album leaf signed "To Bob/Eddie Bracken" in blue ink. With blue notations near lower edge. 5½x4¼ with rounded right corners. With 1½x2½ magazine photo on verso.

    Sale Price $108.00


  • HELMUT DANTINE Helmut Dantine signs album for a fan Inscribed and signed: "To George/Helmut Dantine". 7½x4¼ with 3½x1¼ newspaper clipping with photo affixed below signature - two surfaces. Austrian born Helmut Dantine (1917-1982) came to the US in the 1930s for political reasons.

    Sale Price $126.00


  • BILLY DE WOLFE Yellow album leaf with a small b/w magazine photo of a mustachioed De Wolfe, signed with "All good wishes" by him Inscribed album leaf signed "To Audrey./All good/wishes-/Billy De Wolfe". 6¼x5¼, with rounded corners on right edge.

    Sale Price $180.00


  • MILT KAMEN Orange album leaf, signed "Good Luck" by Kamen Inscribed album leaf signed "To Warren,/Good Luck/Milt Kamen". 5x3¾. Kamen (1921-1977, born in Hurleyville, New York) was an American actor and stand-up comedian.

    Sale Price $90.00


  • HAROLD LLOYD, CO-SIGNED BY: JO STAFFORD Blue album leaf signed by Harold Lloyd, the king of daredevils, and by "G. I. Jo" Stafford Inscribed album leaf signed "Harold/Lloyd" in black ink and, on verso, "To Peter/Jo Stafford" in blue ink. With notations on both sides in black and blue ink in unknown hands.

    Sale Price $405.00


  • ALAN MOWBRAY. Inscribed signature: "To/Maebelle/Alan Mowbray", 5½x4½ album leaf. British actor Alan Mowbray (1896-1969) appeared on London and Broadway stages and in nearly 200 films from 1930 to the mid-1950s. He was usually cast in supporting roles as a pompous or eccentric Englishman.

    Sale Price $162.00


  • GALE PAGE Green album page signed "With every good wish" by Page Inscribed album page signed "To Elsie-/With every good wish-/Gale Page". 6x4½. Page (1913-1983, born Sally Perkins Rutter in Spokane, Washington) was an American actress who starred in 20 TV shows and movies between 1938 and 1964.

    Sale Price $144.00


  • PHIL REGAN Autograph album page inscribed and signed by "The Singing Cop" Inscribed album leaf signed: "To Penny/Phil Regan". Also "Phil Regan - Singer - 176130" in unknown hand. 6x4½ . Regan (1906-1996) was a New York City police detective whose outstanding voice earned him a place in film.

    Sale Price $162.00


  • LILYAN TASHMAN Tashman signs for a fan exactly two years before her death Album Leaf Inscribed and Signed: "To Pearl-/With every good/wish--/Lilyan Tashman/Mar. 21-1932". 4x6 album leaf.

    Sale Price $198.00


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