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Hollywood Celebrities, Actors and Directors | Poems

  • ED BEGLEY, SR. Poem inscribed and signed: "To: John/1968/Ed Begley", 5½x3½ card. Titled: "To You, My Friend". In full: "To you, my friend, I deign to send a message loud and clear,/Not only now at Christmas time, but also through the year.

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  • NOËL COWARDHe signs the complete transcription of his 1930 epic comedic poem, P&O, which details his voyage from Shanghai to Tilbury on a British P&O Lines cruise ship Typescript signed: "Noël/ Coward" on last page in blue ink, 26½p, 8½x11, separate sheets.

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  • PHYLLIS DILLER She signs a printed poem that she composed. Poem signed: "Phyllis Diller". Color, 8½x11 Christmas greeting. "Noel" imprinted at upper edge, colored images at upper and lower margins and around printed poem. Titled: "My Prayer".

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  • LIONEL GAMLIN The English announcer and presenter writes out a poem, signs his name in blue ink Inscribed poem signed: "Lionel Gamlin" in blue ink. 1 page, 6x5¼. March 26, 1953. In full: "Dear Mr.

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  • TED MALONE The famed radio broadcaster writes an original poem for a fan, asks them to write their support for his new column, signs name in blue ink Poem signed: "Ted Malone" in blue ink. 1 page, 7¼x10½. Written on personal "Ted Malone: Between the Bookends" letterhead.

    Sale Price $198.00


  • YVES-MARIE MAURIN Printed French poem written by and signed by Maurin with original mailing envelope, in black ink Printed Poem signed: "Yves-Marie" in black ink. One page. 4x8¼, printed on cardstock. Accompanied by: Original mailing envelope. Postmarked Jan. 2, 1985. Date: Circa 1985. Addressed to Todd M.

    Sale Price $180.00


  • ROD McKUEN He signs this poem printed inside a card to Phyllis Diller Poem Signed: "Rod", card, opened to 10¼x7¼. No place, no date. To comedian Phyllis Diller. On inside right half is a printed verse from his 1985 poem "Valentines.

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  • JACK MULHALL and MARGARET MORRIS The actors, both best known for their silent film work, sign opposite sides of an album leaf. Mulhall has added a poem and a Latin motto; Morris adds a movie title. Autograph Poem signed: "Sept. 30 - 25/You may search for this world's richest/treasure, search and search till/the world shall end.

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  • CLEMENT SCOTT The caustic theatre critic pens a sentimental poem. Autograph Poem signed: "Clement Scott", 1 page, 4½x7. In full: "Yes, It was love, untamed and wild/That through are hearts and [?]/The

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  • GERALD KAY SOUPERThe actor pens a kind poem on this 6x7¾ page, dated in 1896! Autograph Poem Signed: “Gerald Kay Souper”, in black ink, 6x7¾. 3 January 1896. Poem in

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  • MICHAEL YORK Poem asking, is Art not Love? Autograph Poem signed: "Michael York" at end, 1 page 7¼x10½. On personal letterhead addressed "J.H to M.Y". In Full: "Is Art not Love in one vast gesture made

    Sale Price $342.00


  • JOSEPH B. YOUNG Famous lyricist writes a poem to himself providing words of encouragement for love and life. Autograph poem signed: "Joe B. Young-". 1 page, 6¾x4. March 15, 1912. In full: "Mr.

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  • JOSEPH B. YOUNG Famous lyricist writes a poem stating that all this sad world needs is kindness Autograph poem signed: "J.B. Young" in black ink. 1 page, 6¾x4 August 25, 1913. In full: "So many gods So many creeds So many ways that wind and wind.

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  • JOSEPH B. YOUNG Famous lyricist writes this poem about having many friends, and being a loving son Poem signed twice: "J.B. Young-". 1 page, 6¾x4. February 8, 1912. In full:

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