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  • EDIE ADAMS Mink-trimmed black velvet shrug from William Baer Furs, worn by Adams during performances, and obtained from the Kovacs/Adams estate Wrap, unsigned. Black velvet shrug trimmed at top and bottom in white mink, made by William Baer Furs of Beverly Hills and worn by Adams during performances. The costume was part of the Ernie Kovacs/Edie Adams estate. read more...

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  • EDIE ADAMS Collection of four award plaques honoring her. These trophies were in the estate of the late Ernie Kovacs and the recently deceased Edie Adams. Collection, all unsigned, from the Ernie Kovacs/Edie Adams estate: read more...

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  • ERNIE KOVACS and EDIE ADAMS Collection of 4 award plaques, 1 bestowed on Kovacs, 3 on Adams. These trophies were in the estate of the late Ernie Kovacs and the recently deceased Edie Adams. Collection, read more...

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  • CHARLES BARKLEY The Hall of Fame power forward signs a 6x7 piece of a basketball court floor. Basketball Court Floorboard signed: "Charles/Barkley" in blue felt tip, 6x7 hardwood. As a center at Auburn University, Barkley led the Southern Conference in rebounds three years in a row before turning pro. read more...

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  • RINGO STARR This porcelain figure of The Beatles drummer is signed in black ink Ephemera Signed: "Ringo [drawing of a star]". Approximately 9½ inches high, 6 inches wide, 3½ inches deep. Gartlan USA issued this figurine in 1996. read more...

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  • JACK BENNY This tie belonged to the comedian and actor! Ephemera Unsigned: 54-inch purple tie. Made by Don Loper in California “Expressly for Jack Benny”. Vaudeville comedian Jack Benny read more...

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  • LINDA BLAIR Parodying her famous scene of demonic possession in The Exorcist, she signs a can of pea soup. Ephemera signed: "Linda Blair". Can of Campbell's Split Pea Soup (10¾ oz.) signed on front of label. Accompanied by unsigned, candid photo (color, 6x4) of Blair signing a soup can. read more...

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  • ALICE BRADY Pair of tan fur-lined gloves worn by Alice Brady when she was a baby. A unique memento of the Academy Award-wining actress. Ephemera unsigned. Pair of gloves, 2¾x4¾ right glove, 3¼x4¾ left glove. This is a pair of tan leather gloves with fur lining worn by Brady when she was a baby. read more...

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  • BUFFALO BOB SMITH Buffalo Bob Smith signs a neckerchief advertising his show The Howdy Doody Show. Neckerchief signed: "All the best-/Howdy Doody/&/Buffalo/Bob/Smith". Color, 19½x21¾. read more...

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  • DAVID CARRADINE Carradine, who played the cool and philosophical Bill from both Kill Bill movies, signed this black replica katana with "''Kill Bill'" and a yin-yang symbol on the sheath. Ephemera signed "David Carradine 'Kill Bill'" with a yin-yang symbol, all signed in silver ink on sheath. read more...

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  • DAVID CARRADINE He signs a replica 40-inch Japanese katana on the handle, adding ""Kill Bill'". Ephemera signed: "David Carradine "Kill Bill"". Between his name and the film title, he has drawn a yin/yang symbol. Replica Japanese read more...

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  • CHEECH & CHONG: RICHARD "CHEECH" MARIN, TOMMY CHONG Gold-colored 12-inch Agazarian china cymbal, signed in blue ink by the comedy duo in 2008 Ephemera signed "CHONG/[smoking joint]" and "Cheech/08". 11½-inch diameter by 1¾ inches high. Gold-colored 12-inch Agazarian china cymbal. read more...

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  • CHEECH & CHONG Signed VHS box for Cheech and Chong's Next Movie, the 1980 sequel to the comedy duo's surprise 1978 hit Up in Smoke Ephemera signed "Cheech" and Chong". 4x7¼x1 cardstock box. Box for a VHS videotape of Cheech and Chong's Next Movie (1980). Tape not included. read more...

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  • RICHARD CRENNA Costume designed for actor Richard Crenna's Col. Trautman in the 1988 movie Rambo III Ephemera unsigned. Costume was designed for Crenna's character Col. Trautman in Rambo III (1988). It includes desert read more...

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  • CHARLES DELMORES The French tenor signs the cover of an International Record Collector's Club recording of his 1908 performance of Giacomo Meyerbeer's "Le Prophete". Ephemera signed: "Charles Dalmores/Hollywood 1938", 4x4. read more...

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  • MICHAEL DANTE The baseball player turned actor signs this piece of fabric with a phrase written at the bottom Ephemera signed: "Michael Dante/9827 Burgen Ave./Los Angeles, Calif 90034/6/16/76/Never criticize your/neighbor until you've/walked a mile in his/moccasins." In black felt. 5¼x4½ cloth square. read more...

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  • Unsigned but noteworthy baseball mementos from Laraine Day's years as wife of Hall of Fame manager Leo Durocher, during which she was called "the First Lady of Baseball". Items are from Day's personal collection. read more...

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  • OLIVIA de HAVILLAND Olivia de Havilland signs a white 14x14 handkerchief. Handkerchief signed: "Olivia de Havilland", 14x14. White handkerchief with rose embroidered at corner. Scalloped edges around flower. read more...

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  • NANCY DECARL Brown plastic helmet worn by Nancy DeCarl as Sherese in the TV series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Ephemera unsigned. Brown plastic helmet with bronze medallions throughout, a buckled brown leather chinstrap and Styrofoam padding. read more...

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  • HUGH DOWNS Downs signs necktie as a souvenir! Necktie signed: "Hugh/Downs" on inside flap, 53x3. Brown man's necktie signed on inside flap. In 1994, the Guinness Book of World Records listed Hugh Downs (born in 1921) as having appeared on live TV for more hours (then 10,347) than any other person. read more...

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  • [GLENN FORD] 8x9½ plaque awarded to Ford by the Professional Photographers of Southern California (1967). From the estate of Glenn Ford! Ephemera unsigned, a metallic plaque on a wood base (9½x12) from the Professional read more...

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  • [GLENN FORD] 9½x12 recognition plaque as Best Dressed Male Star, awarded to him by California Fashion Designers (1965). From Glenn Ford's estate! Ephemera, unsigned. Metallic plaque on a wood base (9½x12). A to Glenn Ford as "best dressed male star", bestowed by the California Fashion Designers at their 16th annual costume ball (1965). read more...

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  • [GLENN FORD] Plaque bearing the National Film Award for Artistry in Cinema, bestowed on Ford by the National Film Society in 1979, from the estate of the late actor Ephemera unsigned. Metallic plaque on a wood base (9½x12), the National Film Award for Artistry in Cinema (1979), bestowed by the National Film Society. read more...

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  • Plaque thanking Ford for support of a charity gala for Alzheimer's research and bearing the phrase "for the love of Rita" (a reference to Rita Hayworth, afflicted with the illness). Accompanied by signed letter of provenance from Peter Ford, Glenn's only child. read more...

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  • [GLENN FORD] Appreciation plaque from Motorola for his contribution to the "PRIDE" program, acquired from the actor/officer's estate. Ephemera, unsigned. 15x19½ overall, 9x14 leather appreciation plaque on read more...

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